After a water break, one of the students ran to me, with a $2 note in his hand, and said, “Coach! I found this $2 note at the bench!” Without much thinking, I replied, “Why don’t you keep it?” “No! You bring it to the office, I don’t want to keep it.” His response set me thinking. He reminded me of the lesson I learnt long ago: “路不拾遗” [Honesty is the best policy.] I should have been the role model, but in actual fact, he set the good example to me. So this morning, I took the $2 note and handed it over to theRead More →

“Come on, run! Do your footwork properly!” the coach commanded. “I’m saving my energy for the game later,” the student replied. After the drill practice, the coach rounded all the students and asked them, “How much effort should you put in during training? Now, let me ask you, when you prepare for your school exams, do you just practise with the exercises inside the textbooks?” “No, we will do extra exercises on assessment books.” “So how much effort should you put in during training?” “100%?” “More than 100%. So that you will give your best during your game.”Read More →

Overheard during the training, boy B was telling boy M, “Okay M, so I’ll see you when we are 18.” It was M’s last training with the Academy, so B was saying goodbye to him. But I asked, “Why must wait until 18?” B: “So we can meet each other in the Army!” Me: “Why can’t you guys meet when you go secondary school?” B: “We may not go to the same secondary school.” I decided not to further question them and left them in their goodbyes. These two boys are only 10-years old and they have been seeing each other during the weekly trainingsRead More →