Overheard during the training, boy B was telling boy M, “Okay M, so I’ll see you when we are 18.” It was M’s last training with the Academy, so B was saying goodbye to him. But I asked, “Why must wait until 18?” B: “So we can meet each other in the Army!” Me: “Why can’t you guys meet when you go secondary school?” B: “We may not go to the same secondary school.” I decided not to further question them and left them in their goodbyes. These two boys are only 10-years old and they have been seeing each other during the weekly trainingsRead More →

Dear Parent/Student, Please note the training venues for the following classes: 29 Sep 2014, Monday: 7 – 9pm at Pasir Ris SRC 1 Oct 2014, Wednesday: 4 – 6pm at Pasir Ris SRC 3 Oct 2014, Friday: 7 – 9pm at Pasir Ris SRC 8 – 10pm at Pasir Ris SRC 4 Oct 2014, Saturday: 3 – 5pm at Pasir Ris SRC 5 – 7pm at Pasir Ris SRC 7 – 9pm at Pasir Ris SRC 5 Oct 2014, Sunday: Hari Raya Haji, no classes (Please note that there is no replacement class for public holidays) If you wish to come for replacement class, please contactRead More →

Dear Parent/Student, For the month of October, please note that there is no training on the following Public Holidays: 5 October 2014, Sunday                    Hari Raya Haji 22 October 2014, Wednesday          Deepavali *The class on 6 October 2014, Monday is unaffected, 7 – 9pm at Pasir Ris SRC.   Kindly note that as it is a Public Holiday, there will not be any replacement class. Happy Holidays!Read More →