We provide restring services for Badminton, Squash and Tennis.

If you bring your own string, our restring service charges are as follows:

Badminton: S$14
Squash: S$16
Tennis: S$18

In store, we carry the following string models:

Yonex: BG6, BG65, BG65Ti, BG66, BG66F, BG66UM, BG68Ti, BG80, BG80P, NBG95, NBG98, NBG99, Aerobite, Aerobite Boost, Aerosonic
Lining: No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, No. 7, LN62, LN64, LN66, LN70
Ashaway: Zymax 67, Zymax 69 Fire, Zymax 70

Ashaway: Power Nick 18, Super Nick XL Pro, Super Nick XL Micro, Super Nick ZX, Ultra Nick 17, Ultra Nick 18
Prince: Lightning XX
Toalson: Asterisk 120

Babolat (NEW): RPM Blast, RPM Team
Toalson: Asterisk 125, Asterista Metal 125, ToaGold, Mugen-125, Rencon 125, Super Spin Deluxe, Ultimate 115 Hybrid Control, Vag 125
Gamma: Live Wire 16, TNT^2 16, TNT^2 17
Prince: Synthetic Gut W/ Duraflex 16, Synthetic Gut W/ Duraflex 17
Ashaway: Crossfire II, Crossfire 17
Gosen: Polygon 17
Yonex: Polytour Tough 125, Rexis 125, Rexis 130, Tour Super 850 Pro

All strings listed are subject to availability. We strongly advise customers to call the store to check availability beforehand.